A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Beware, flashing images   (when close to death).

Freaks in the dark is rather simple : you spawn in a closed map, hunt down the first few creatures ( 5 at the first wave ) and refill your ammo. Then another wave comes up (without warning) and so on. The more you kill, the more freaks come for the next wave.

You can't heal yourself and can't kill all the monsters in the world. So the end of the game is inevitably your death.  What you can do is take as many freaks as you can to hell with you before you go down.

This is a game I made in about two weeks,  several years from now. It is also the first game I made that was this close to looking like a finished game.

Please, note that this is very basic. There are bugs, gameplay problems and so on, but it's kind of fun if you want to kill some time.

With all that being said, I had fun making this game, all the freaks are crafted with much love. I hope you have a good time playing it.

I like the concept and would like to rework it later. Better designs, better gameplay, and so on. But I am not certain I'll have the time, so we'll see.

By all means, let me know if a problem occurs with the download or installation. ( I'm unsure I could do much, but I can always give it a try).


Freaks_in_the_dark_setup.exe 110 MB


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Your art style makes me fucking cream myself.

X) waw thanks dewd, must say I didn't expect to hear that today ! It's funny you say it about this game, cuz it's from a time at which I kinda struggled to get my artstyle in 3d ^^.